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The first wiki about the upcoming Trading Card Game (TCG) from Force of Will Inc. : Architect. If you want to keep up with the latest information on Architect visit the official facebook page.


In a distant future, the world continues to struggle against threats both near and far. In order to maintain peace and protect the world, the remaining nations of Earth put their faith in the Architects, resurrected masters of the sciences and arts from the past! Choose your guild and defend your HQ from enemy forces in this new Trading Card Game from Force of Will inc! Unleash powerful Guild Attacks in this stylish game of skill!

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A new wiki for a new game

This ever-growing wiki will cover every aspect of Architect when the game comes out, like card database, spoiler coverage, game discussion and so on. Please remember that this wiki has only recently been created, so there are probably gonna be some errors, missing pages or broken links.

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